Toyota land cruiser for sale in Nairobi Kenya

Toyota Land cruisers range include

utility cars like

Toyota land cruiser pick up

Toyota land cruiser troop carriers or hardtop,

Toyota land cruiser 5 door zx model

Toyota land cruiser  gx model

luxury cars like

Toyota land cruiser prado series 95, 120, 150

vx series

Toyota land cruiser 80

Toyota land cruiser 100

Toyota land cruiser 200

You can get most if not all of these land cruisers in stock at our show room on Ngong road.

We have locally used but very well maintained vehicles

Apart from the above newer model we also have the older models of land cruisers which due to their age they are often termed as collectors. currently we have land cruiser

Toyota land cruiser FJ 40

Toyota land cruiser FJ 60





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