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Series III (88in model) 1971 - 1985 Engine 4-cylinder 90.47 x 88.9mm 2286cc CR 8:1 Zenith Carb. 70 bhp (DIN) at 4000 rpm Max. torque 120 lb/ft at 1500 rpm Transmission Optional 4-wheel or rear wheel drive. Front and rear differentials High and low range of gears Axle ratios 4.7:1 High range step down ratio 1.148:1 ; Overall gear ratios 5.396, 8.05, 12.00, 19.88 :1 Reverse 21.66:1 15.1 mph/1000 rpm in top gear Low range step down ratio 2.35:1 ; Overall ratios 11.10, 16.50, 24.60, 40.70 :1 Reverse 44.30:1. 7.4 mph/1000rpm in top gear Fully syncromesh gears.
Suspention and brakes Live front axle, half ellipic leaf springs, telescopic dampers, live rear axle, half ellipic leaf springs, telescopic dampers, Recirclating ballnut steering. 10 x 1.5in front and rear drum brakes 6.00 - 16in tyres
Dimentions Wheelbase 7ft 4in (88in) Front and rear track 4ft 3.5in Length 11ft 10.4in Width 5ft 4in Height (Max) 6ft 5in Unladen weight from 2953 lbs Max. allowable vehicle weight 4453 lbs
make: Land Rover
Year: 2004
Model: DEFENDER 110
Price: Kshs.1,800,000
Rating: 2500 DIESEL
Transmission: Manual
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